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Custom Contract Furniture

We work with you to design and manufacture custom built-ins for your retail or restaurant project. Give us a call today for a complimentary consultation. (626) 452-8891.

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Fabric Finishes

We have a full selection of contract grade upholstery fabric and vinyl to customize your seating needs. These are hand selected with a proven track record for style and durability. This is the fabric upholstery that is included as a standard contract grade finishing on the restaurant booths. Other fabric selections are available, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and select from any of our trusted brands.  

adv15 ADV15
adv16 ADV16
adv17 ADV17
adv18 ADV18
adv19 ADV19
adv20 ADV20
adv21 ADV21
adv22 ADV22
adv23 ADV23
adv24 ADV24
adv25 ADV25
adv26 ADV26
adv27 ADV27
adv28 ADV28
adv30 ADV30
adv32 ADV32
adv33 ADV33
adv34 ADV34
adv35 ADV35
adv36 ADV36
adv37 ADV37
adv38 ADV38
adv39 ADV39
adv40 ADV40
adv41 ADV41
adv42 ADV42
adv43 ADV43
adv44 ADV44
adv45 ADV45
adv46 ADV46
adv47 ADV47
adv48 ADV48
adv49 ADV49
adv50 ADV50
adv51 ADV51
Jackson dove JACKSON-DOVE
Jackson evergreen JACKSON-EVERGREEN
Jackson shell JACKSON-SHELL

C.O.M Fabric Sources

We offer many reputable brands when fabric is involved. Much of which has been used by us for over 15 years, tried and tested. We only offer contract grade fabrics because we believe that the upholstery is the skin of the seating and as the saying goes "you always want to put your best face forward."

Please click on the logos below which will take you to the vendors's website catalog to view their selection

Keyston KB Contract
Spradling Vinyls