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Custom Contract Furniture

We work with you to design and manufacture custom built-ins for your retail or restaurant project. Give us a call today for a complimentary consultation. (626) 452-8891.

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All inclusive design & implementation

As your design team, we work with you to create and implement a strategy for your environment through innovative solutions for any kind of space. We take into consideration your business model, overall design, target demographic, the physical location, and much more to design the furniture your guests will enjoy day after day.

We work with various project types such as retail, restaurant, hospitality, offices, and homes.

All Inclusive design & implementation


Chosen by you based on the amount of help you need managing your project, we offer two levels of assistance. The first is light project management where we work with a sub or general contractor to organize and carry out assignments. In the second level we are more involved directly with the coordination and installation of the furniture and can get involved with project management on site.

To break down our process, we work with you to create a mood board to visualize your end goal. We can provide a budget but, one of our primary goals is to work within yours while fulfilling your vision. To do this, we create innovative design concepts that benefit the space and revise plans to produce the most effective outcome.

In product procurement, we handle the sourcing, specifics, and technicalities of purchasing materials and items. We consider many design elements when planning the space and think of ways to reformat and optimize it.

You have the option of having us install your custom furniture and overseeing the process on site. We can further assist with staging to make your space photo or use ready.

All Inclusive design & implementation